2017 Calendars


Woof, woof! This is my first ever calendar!

Click on this link:
Photo Dog Jackson 2017 Calendar.

Woof, this is Matt’s Calendar

Click on this link:
2017 Scenic Calendar.

Calendars are in stock ready to ship out. We have a limited number of each this year since we have two. We have less than 20 of each left. I predict Jackson’s to sell out first (he is once again gloating!) I can handle cash, check, or payment by credit card via a secure link through my email invoice. The price you ask? Only $20.50 mailed, or $18 local pickup!

To pay using credit card I will need your email address.

To pay by check send payment to:

Matt Irvin
PO Box 727
Norwood, NC 28128


The Scenic calendar is divided into four geographic areas, western US, North Carolina, Nova Scotia/Northeast US, and southwest Virginia. Jacksons includes some of his travels and local photos he has taken and some taken of him.

Matt's front cover.
Matt’s front cover.